Every year, filmmakers—both local and from out of town—decide to shoot their movies, TV series, or commercials in gorgeous Hawaii. The natural beauty of Oahu Honolulu, Waikiki, and the surrounding areas are a huge draw for directors and film crews. And what do all film crews need? A compelling story, a fantastic script, incredible actors…and vans and trucks to haul their equipment and gear, of course! For this specific need, Little Hawaii Rent A Car has you covered!

Whether you have a big-budget movie project, a small indie, a local commercial, or a TV series that will be filmed over the course of months at a time, you’re definitely going to need a way to transport film equipment and gear from location to location. And trust us, toting that stuff around in cars is going to get old very fast. Not to mention, it’s not the safest idea for keeping equipment protected. 

filming in hawaii
photo credit: public domain via heidichang.com

Reasons a truck rental is a great idea for moving film equipment from place to place is that they’re built for heavy loads, and items can be easily secured. There will be plenty of room (much more than someone’s car trunk!), and things can be better protected.

As for moving around your cast and crew, as a filmmaker, you realize that scheduling on a film set is everything. The last thing you want is for the entire production to be waiting on a late actor or important crew member. This is why it’s very wise to rent a passenger van for productions. By hauling everyone around together to each location, you can ensure that everyone arrives at the same time so you can get started as soon as they set foot on location. It will also help everyone feel like family with the extra time they get to spend together traveling!

So whether you need a rental to move gear or to move your cast and crew, Little Hawaii Rent A Car is your place for any sort of rentals for your Hawaii-based production! Check us out for all your transportation needs for your production. Whether you’re local, visiting, or doing a large or small film project, we can help you with truck rentals and van rentals. We proudly serve Oahu, Honolulu, and Waikiki! Contact us at (808) 347-2886 for any questions you may have!

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