No matter the conditions when you set out, you’ll never know what you’ll encounter when embarking on a road trip. Make sure you’re ready for anything that life or Mother Nature throws your way by remembering to bring along the following essentials – presented by your local Honolulu road tripping experts: Little Hawaii Rent A Car.

1. Sun Protection

Whether or not you burn easily, protection from the sun is a must if you want to prevent developing any harmful skin conditions. Here are a just a few items you should remember to pack in your car rental before hitting the road:

  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe (for when you accidently forget to apply sunscreen and need to soothe burns)
  • Hats (especially for anyone with thinning hair – scalp burns are no fun)
  • Sunglasses

2. Emergency Supplies

Accidents will happen – even in an island paradise. Be prepared for road trip surprises by making sure to pack your car rental with some of these travel essentials:

  • First-Aid kit (including allergy medication and bandages of various sizes)
  • Charged phone
  • Road flares
  • Emergency gas cash
  • Spare clothes
  • Find more travel essentials here

3. Local Maps

Wi-Fi and GPS don’t always work – luckily paper maps are still very much operational when the power goes out. Make sure to pick up a couple of local maps to keep handy in case you lose your bearings. If you don’t feel like going off the grid with your navigation, download the Honolulu Map and Walks app.

The most important aspect of a successful road trip in Honolulu is reliable transportation. Lucky for you, Little Hawaii Rent A Car is famous for its affordable car rental rates and exceptional customer service. Contact us at 808-347-2886, or request a reservation online to take the first steps of your next great adventure!

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