If you’re planning a trip to Kahului, especially if you’re celebrating a special anniversary, consider renting a convertible from Little Hawaii Rent A Car. We have a few options to choose from that will make your Hawaii vacation a happy and memorable one. There are also a few things to think about ahead of time when renting one of these luxury sports cars. Follow these three tips for a safe, fun, and enjoyable Hawaii vacation.

3 Tips When Renting a Convertible in Kahului

1. Consider Your Hair

While this may seem like a small cost when renting a convertible, it can be irritating to constantly have to fix your hair every time you stop. If you want to enjoy the convertible experience without any hair issues, consider wearing your hair up in a ponytail or pulled back. If you have short hair, this probably won’t be an issue and you can simply enjoy the ride.

2. Consider the Weather

Exploring Kahului in a convertible is an experience like no other. You’ll have amazing views of sandy coastlines, tropical plants and flowers, and huge mountains and volcanos, but you’ll also be exposing yourself to the sun and rain. Prevent major sunburns by consistently and diligently applying sunscreen. With the hot and humid climate, rainstorms can seemingly come out of nowhere as well. Be prepared to pull over and stop long enough to put the top up. 

3. Consider Your Valuables

Many visitors to Kahului rent convertibles with absolutely no incidents, but we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about what could happen when you rent a convertible. This luxury car may make you more of a target for break-ins or auto theft. When you stop and park your car, either put the top up and lock it or get in the habit of not leaving any valuables in there at any time.  

Rent Your Convertible Today

Contact Little Hawaii Rent A Car today at (808) 374-2137 to make a reservation for your convertible rental. If you’re visiting Kahului with family or friends, we have a wide range of vehicle rentals that are suitable for small groups such as sprinter vans, minivans, passenger vans, and SUVs. We look forward to being a positive part of your amazing Hawaii vacation.

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