Passenger van rentals offer space and convenience for large groups who are traveling to and from Honolulu. At Little Hawaii Rent A Car, we have several passenger vans for different traveling needs. Smaller groups may appreciate our 8-passenger vans, and larger groups will definitely enjoy the space and comfort our 15-passenger van rentals provide. As 15-passenger vans drive differently than standard cars, be sure to follow these four safety precautions for a relaxing and pleasant journey.

4 Safety Precautions When Driving 15-Passenger Vans

1. Wear Seat Belts

Seat belts provide extra safety for the driver and passengers of a 15-passenger van. Before venturing out on Diamond Head Road or up to the Lanai Lookout, check that all seat belts are working correctly. If not, ask the rental company to fix the seat belts or give you a replacement vehicle. You can rest assured that we check all rental vehicles for damage between customers, including seat belts.

2. Watch Your Speed

Regardless of the vehicle you’re driving, it’s always a good idea to stay within the speed limit. 15-passenger van rentals don’t always maneuver as easily as standard vehicles. They work best when the driver takes more time to slow down while driving over rough roadways or sharp corners. Also, drive cautiously if road or weather conditions are not agreeable. 

3. Store Cargo Correctly

How you store cargo and luggage in a 15-passenger van rental directly affects how the van drives. It’s best to place luggage in front of the rear axle and to avoid overfilling the van which can make it even more difficult to maneuver. If you have questions about storing or loading your cargo, we are happy to help. 

4. Stay Focused

Because 15-passenger van rentals handle differently than standard cars, be sure to stay focused on the road and your surroundings while exploring Honolulu. Drivers who already follow safe driving guidelines, such as not looking at cell phones, will have no problems paying attention to the road. Being especially attentive will help you be prepared for issues like slippery conditions, winding roads, or heavy traffic.

Clean & Affordable Group Travel in Honolulu

Learn more about our 15-passenger van rentals by calling (808) 374-2137. You can also make a reservation online. We provide 12-passenger van rentals and 8-passenger van rentals for locals and visitors to Honolulu and the nearby areas.

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