When touring Hawaii with a group, enjoying most of the sights together can make the trip even more memorable. Most of the fun is in the journey itself! But, that’s not always possible when you’re traveling in several different vehicles. However, a 15-passenger van rental from Little Hawaii Rent A Car provides a budget-friendly way to tour the gorgeous Oahu scenery together with family and friends.

Advantages of Renting a Passenger Van for Your Next Vacation

More Time Together

Imagine driving across our beautiful state, taking in all the sights and sounds Hawaii has to offer, with family and friends right beside you. Instead of breaking up into several groups and renting a number of smaller vehicles, rent a 15-passenger van instead. This allows your group to make the most of their time on Oahu or wherever your travels take you.

Room for People & Luggage

A passenger van rental offers plenty of room for people, luggage, food, drinks, and more. To make your time here more comfortable, we offer several sizes of vans that can fit your group perfectly, such as:

To make the most of the space available, stick with our popular 15-passenger van rentals. These vans have all the amenities of our other van rentals, including air conditioning, automatic transmission, and ample legroom.

More Affordable

It’s important to note that renting one vehicle, even if it’s a larger van, is more affordable than renting several midsize vehicles. Not only are you saving on the actual vehicle rental, but you are also saving on the amount of gas needed for driving one vs. several vehicles.

Consider a Passenger Van Rental

Next time you’re planning a trip to Oahu, contact us at (808) 347-2886 to learn more about our reliable fleet of passenger van rentals. We offer four convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, including Waikiki, Kahului, and the Honolulu Airport. Along with our passenger van rentals, we also offer compact car rentals, full-size car rentals, SUV rentals, and Jeep rentals

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