On the surface, driving in Hawaii is just like driving in the rest of the United States – just with gorgeous island scenery and beaches to head toward! But keeping these tips in mind will make your Hawaii vacation in a Little Hawaii Rent a Car run more smoothly and safely. Contact us to schedule your reservation today or call (888-347-2886).

Driving in Hawaii

1. Prepare to take your time.

Oahu’s traffic can get pretty congested at times, and drivers typically drive slower than their counterparts on the mainland. Inland roads can be especially curvy, and in general, your rate of speed will be slower than it might be at home. It may take longer than you think it will to reach your destination. So embrace the slower pace of island life, and take your time.

2. Avoid rush-hour traffic in Honolulu.

When you’re in the Honolulu area, try to avoid driving from 6:00-8:30am and 3:30-6:00pm on weekdays. The congestion can get pretty intense, and who wants to spend a vacation sitting in traffic? If at all possible, take to the roads outside of these busy times of the day. 

3. Keep an eye out for road and weather hazards.

Watch out for potholes, particularly on inland roads. Also, remember that roads can be extremely slippery during the first half-hour of rainfall. We know it’s tempting to pull off of the road to explore or take photos, so when the temptation arises, use extreme caution as many road shoulders in Hawaii are soft,particularly when it’s raining.

4. Drive with confidence with your Little Hawaii Rent a Car…or minivan, Jeep, or any of our other great choices!

When you rent with us, we’ll make sure you have everything you need – from directions to our favorite Poke place, to tips on escaping the traffic to find the best beaches. With three convenient locations, we’re ready to help you explore our island. Contact Little Hawaii Rent a Car today, or give us a call at (888-347-2886).

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