For many Hawaiian visitors, the ultimate mission is to ride a wave. When the surf’s up, it’s time to try your hand at this incredible pastime. Arguably one of the hardest sports there is, surfing is grueling exercise with the sweetest reward. Hang ten, and experience the Hawaiian Islands in their purest form! At Little Hawaii Rent A Car, we are the ultimate tour guides by giving you the keys to adventure. Don’t settle for anyone else’s agenda while on vacation. Rent a car, van, SUV, or Jeep to take charge of your experience.

Surf's Up and Getting to the Waves Is Just a Rental Car Ride AwaySurf’s Up, Hang Ten!

Vacations are meant to relax and try something new. You’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring the beauty of nature on a surfboard. Try your hand at surfing in Hawaii! From beginners to pros, these waves have something for everyone.

Why Surf?

Become one with nature and one with history. Believed to have originated in ancient Polynesia, surfing was once only reserved for Hawaiian royalty and is now referred to as the “sport of kings.” Surfing in Hawaii is a cultural experience, and everyone is invited to join in on the fun.

Where to Surf?

  • Waikiki has reliable waves all year round and is a great beginner’s destination.
  • Makana features winter surf with towering waves.
  • Yokohama Bay is home to a rocky shelf and exposed reef, so proceed with caution.
  • Seven Mile Miracle extending from Haleiwa to Sunset Beach features the major surf spots on the big wave coast.

How to Surf?

Lessons are a must. Every island has a variety of teachers with a wide array of lesson opportunities for all experience levels and age ranges. Lessons are one to two hours, and many beginners use longboards for ease of training. Plan your first stop at Waikiki to get your feet wet.

Adventure awaits around every bend in the Hawaiian terrain. With your rental car offering boundless opportunities, your vacation will be the experience of a lifetime. Join the ranks of kings by conquering the waves! Get your all-access pass to Waikiki by reserving your rental car from Little Hawaii Rent A Car at (808) 374-2319.

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