You’ve booked your tickets, you’ve planned your excursions, and you’ve looked up hot restaurants on Yelp for your upcoming Hawaiian vacation. Now you’re starting to think about what you need to pack. What do you really need, what can you leave behind, and what would be better to pick up on the island? We’ve put together a few ideas for you. Need a set of wheels when you’re beach-hopping? Little Hawaii Rent a Car has a wide variety of car rentals, from sports cars to minivans. Make your reservation today by calling (808) 347-2886.

Packing Tips for Hawaii Vacation What to Bring

You’ll find lots of ideas for packing lists online, but here are some essentials:

  • A good pair of sunglasses
  • Two swimsuits (so you have one to wear while the other one is drying)
  • For shoes, casual sandals for beach use, and a solid, comfortable pair for hiking
  • For clothing, include a pair of long pants and lightweight jacket along with the usual shorts, tanks, polo shirts, skirts, etc. It sometimes does get cool in the evenings. 
  • Refillable water bottle

What to Leave Behind

In general, people tend to overpack.

  • Save yourself some stress and leave your valuable jewelry behind. That way, you won’t worry about the possibility of theft.
  • Pack light so you have more room for souvenirs to take home! 

What to Pick Up Here

Save some room in your luggage and pick up these items after you land:

  • Sunscreen and aloe gel
  • Beach towel
  • Flip-flops (called slippers in Hawaii)
  • Hat

The Hawaiian Island of Oahu has all the makings of paradise — sandy beaches, breathtaking ocean views, relaxing resorts, and the Aloha spirit — so it’s no surprise that it is such a popular vacation spot. Want to see it all during your stay? You can count on the affordable car rental options and knowledgeable staff of Little Hawaii Rent A Car. Contact us today at (808) 347-2886 to find the perfect discount rental car for your vacation.

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