When visiting Honolulu with a large group for a business conference or vacation, consider renting one of the 12-passenger vans from Little Hawaii Rent A Car. Taking one vehicle to and from your hotel, restaurants, or sightseeing excursions makes it easier for everyone to stay together and arrive on time for important meetings. To help you get the most out of your passenger van rental experience, we’d like to offer some helpful tips for driving safely and staying comfortable. 

Stay Comfortable in Your 12-Passenger Van Rental with These Tips

Driving Tips

If you don’t drive a passenger van regularly, it can be helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to experience a safe and comfortable drive. Here are a few driving tips that will help both you and your passengers enjoy your stay in Honolulu.

Become Familiar with the Rental

You don’t need a special license to drive a passenger van, but they do drive differently than standard vehicles. Don’t be shy; ask the rental agency to show you around the particular rental van you have, or do some research beforehand to become familiar with how passenger vans handle on the road.

Plan for Stops

Because you’re with a large group, it’s important to plan multiple stops throughout your journey. Think bathroom breaks, lunch or dinner stops, and time for stretching those tired muscles.

What to Pack

Riding in a 12-passenger van rental can be so much easier when you pack the right things. If it’s a particularly long drive, it can be beneficial for your crew to have something to help pass the time.

Pack Healthy Snacks & Drinks

Even if you’ve scheduled stops for lunch or dinner, having healthy snacks and drinks on hand is always a good idea. Bring along snacks that travel easily like grapes, granola bars, or trail mix, and drinks, such as bottled water, sports drinks, or soft drinks. 

Bring Entertainment Options

Long road trips can become . . . well, long, and it can be difficult for passengers if they don’t have anything to keep themselves busy. Ask everyone to be prepared to pass the time by downloading playlists or podcasts, packing a book or two, or bringing a deck of cards.

Serving Honolulu with 12-Passenger Van Rentals

Request a 12-passenger rental van today by calling (808) 374-2137 or make a reservation online. Our rental lot is stocked with vehicles, including compact cars, sports cars, 8-passenger vans, 15-passenger vans, and more.

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