For many Hawaiian visitors, a trip to paradise is a once in a lifetime vacation destination. Just like any vacation, there are tips and tricks for making an expensive venture more affordable. Do your research, and plan a trip to Hawaii that won’t break the bank. At Little Hawaii Rental A Car, we specialize in discount rentals for the least expensive transportation option. Reserve your discount rental car, van, SUV, or Jeep for the keys to adventure!

Say “Yes” to Adventure with Budget-Friendly Options

As “Hawaii’s Favorite Rental Car Company,” we serve Honolulu, Oahu, and Waikiki with exceptional customer service to exceed expectations.

1. Avoid Peak Seasons

Did you know that there are better times to visit Hawaii? Just like most vacation spots, we have peak seasons where the cost of hotels and accommodations increase due to demand. Keep in mind that Hawaii is truly paradise with warm weather and sunny skies all year round. Plan your trip wisely by missing the crowds and the extra expense during high seasonal times.Get the Keys to Adventure with a Discount Rental Car

Low Season:

  • January 11 to March 9
  • April 1 to May 31
  • September 3 to December 14

Peak Season

  • December 15 to January 10
  • March 10 to March 31
  • June 1 to September 2

2. Travel in Groups

Traveling with more people means you can split the cost several ways. Consider renting a house instead of a hotel room and reserving a van for group travel. With so many popular attractions to see, save your money for excursions rather than housing and transportation. Featuring minivans, sprinter vans, and passenger vans, plan to travel in groups of up to 15 passengers!

3. Find Discounts

Choosing an older car model with higher mileage is convenient and less expensive. Our variety of discount vehicles are well-maintained, clean, reliable, and always include working air conditioning. Whether you’re staying for days, weeks, or months, we have a car rental option that meets your travel and budget needs. The longer you stay, the more you save with our monthly rates starting at $525 or approximately $17.50 per day + tax/fees.

Starting Daily Rates during Low Seasons

  • Car $25
  • Minivan $45
  • Passenger Van $65

Don’t break the bank during your Hawaiian vacation. Bargain hunters can still find success with savvy shopping in Honolulu, Oahu, and Waikiki. Contact Little Hawaii Rent A Car at (808) 347-2886 to reserve your discount rental car in time for your dream vacation!


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