Vacation season is upon us, and families across the globe are gearing up for some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, before you can set off on the adventure of a lifetime here in Hawaii, one crucial decision looms large — the choice of vehicle. While many options exist for holiday travel, from small sedans to spacious SUVs and even recreational vehicles, the often-overlooked champion of family trips is the humble van rental from Little Hawaii Rent A Car.

Van Rental: The Ultimate Choice for Family Travel

Spacious Accommodation

When it comes to family travel, space is a non-negotiable necessity. Our van rentals provide unparalleled roominess, catering to the comfort needs and belongings of even the largest families. With high ceilings and ample legroom, kids can stretch their legs, play games, or even nap without feeling cooped up. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room for all those shopping bags when you visit local vendors and shops.

Safety and Convenience

A van is more than just a mode of transportation; it becomes a safe haven for your family on the road. Our modern vans are packed with features designed to keep precious cargo safe, from infants to teenagers. For example, our passenger vans are ideal for setting up baby seats or booster seats. With spacious cabins, parents have ample room to assist their little ones with ease. Plus, younger family members can move inside the van without needing to clamber over seats, mitigating any accidental falls.


Saving money on vacation transportation means more for fun activities and souvenirs. Vans are surprisingly cost-effective, especially when compared to the cumulative expense of taking multiple vehicles or the fuel costs associated with larger models like RVs. With more fuel-efficient engine options, we ensure that you save on fuel without compromising on space.

Travel Comfort Starts Here

At Little Hawaii Rent A Car, we believe your family’s travel comfort begins with choosing the right vehicle. Our range of passenger vans offers the ideal blend of spaciousness, safety, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that your O’ahu island adventure is as comfortable as it is memorable. Whether exploring the lush landscapes or navigating the vibrant streets of Honolulu, HI, our passenger vans and minivans provide the perfect start to your family’s vacation. Reserve your rental today at (808) 374-2137.

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