O’ahu, Hawaii, is a top beach destination accented with incredible scenic beauty. This island offers an endless list of tourist activities that cater to all. However, if you’re interested in unique experiences during your vacation in Honolulu, then you’re in luck! Little Hawaii Rent A Car is here with some of our favorite and unforgettable tourist activities to enjoy in your passenger van rental!

5 Unforgettable Activities to Enjoy in Your Passenger Van

1. Get to the Hālona Blowhole

The Hālona Blowhole is a magnificent experience you shouldn’t miss while visiting O’ahu. Here, you’ll witness a natural occurrence of water exploding in the air from a lava tube that runs beneath the sea floor. It offers a spectacular sight that’s perfect for photography. To get the most serene experience, plan early morning visits and avoid peak hours when it’s crowded.

2. Cruise along O’ahu’s North Shore

O’ahu’s North Shore is famed for its big wave surfing competitions, but you can still have a beautiful sightseeing experience without a surfboard. Organizing a North Shore tour is the perfect way to take in great scenery and relaxation while soaking up the sun. Visit Turtle Bay Resort and enjoy the therapeutic waters of Kuilima Cove with a cocktail or ride zip lines through the trees that will give you a beautiful bird’s eye view of the shoreline.

3. Take a Helicopter Tour

Our island is home to some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. So, a helicopter tour is one of the best ways to get a bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking scenery. Witness the famous Battleship Row or the Diamond Head crater from the sky. A helicopter ride will afford you vistas that are difficult to surpass, and there’s no better way to appreciate the true beauty of O’ahu.

4. Go on a Snorkeling Adventure

Are you ready to explore O’ahu’s aquatic paradise? Snorkeling is the perfect activity for those looking to get into the water. And the best place for it is the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve on the windward coast. Take in the sight of diverse marine life and stunning coral reefs from the comforts of your snorkeling gear. Additionally, plunge into the depths of the Hawaiian waters with licensed instructors who will guide your unforgettable journey.

5. Experience Secret Island Beach

The Kaneohe Sandbar, popularly known as the Secret Island Beach, is a natural oasis that stands out from the crowd. The sandbar is home to one of the clearest waters in the world, making it perfect for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Take a ride on a glass-bottom boat that lets you view marine life without getting wet, or take a sunbathing session on the white sand while enjoying the scenery.

Get Out & Adventure O’ahu

Exploring the island to the fullest goes beyond the typical beach day. That’s why our team here at Little Hawaii Rent A Car recommends these unforgettable tourist activities outside of Honolulu, HI. Want to get there on your own time? Then book any of our affordable vans. We have them in 8-passenger, 12-passenger, and 15-passenger. Have other questions? Give us a call at (808) 374-2137.

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