Are you ready to dive into an adventure like no other? Of course you are! Let the vacation gurus of Little Hawaii Rent A Car explain why our island home should be the next destination on your dream-trip list.

Whether you’ve already booked your plane ride and rental car or are mulling over your first Hawaiian vacation, the points below should give you plenty of motivation to visit Honolulu.

1. The Weather

Think of Hawaii, and one of the first images you’ll conjure up is a sunny beach setting, perhaps with palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. There’s no doubt that Hawaii is synonymous with gorgeous, ideal vacation weather. Planning a vacation often requires intense scheduling to make sure local weather correlates with your plans. In Hawaii, however, you’ll always be able to find a part of the island in the sunshine.

2. The Culture

When it comes to having an open heart for curious visitors, Hawaii can’t be beat. The islands have long been a magnetic destination for people interested in a new home as well as those just looking for a break from the hassle of life on the mainland. Initially inhabited by people of Polynesian descent, today Hawaii is truly a melting pot of traditional and contemporary cultures from around the world.

3. The Food

Any foodies on your trip to Hawaii are in for a serious treat. From fresh, mouthwatering sushi at Sushi ii to the famous malasadas (AKA “Portuguese Doughnuts”) at Leonard’s Bakery — Honolulu has it all.

4. The History

Pearl Harbor is located about 10 miles west of Honolulu. As the infamous site of the tragic 1941 Japanese bombing that led to America joining WWII, the harbor is now the final resting place of the USS Arizona. The ship has been turned into a memorial for the 1,117 young sailors who perished in the attack.

5. The Sights

Oahu, the island on which Honolulu resides, is home to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in the world. With your car rental from Little Hawaii, you’ll be able to explore with the freedom of a resident. Some must-see highlights include Waimea Falls on Oahu’s north shore, Hanauma Bay, and of course, Waikiki Beach.

Think we’ve left anything out? Contact the Hawaiian vacation experts of Little Hawaii Rent A Car at 808-347-2886. We would love to add your suggestions to our next post!

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