Hawaii has been long revered for its white sandy beaches, rich and friendly culture, and flavorful cuisine. You don’t want to miss a single moment in the world’s most famous vacation spot, but getting around can be difficult and expensive. Though ride rental companies like Uber are tempting, they may not be the best choice. Many Honolulu vacationers are turning to Little Hawaii Rent A Car for their transportation needs. A discount rental car can open up your vacation to limitless adventures. Call (808) 347-2886, or contact us online and see how quickly your vacation can improve. 

When traveling, there are many unexpected expenses and issues that may arise. Traveling cost and punctuality are important when visiting a place you’ve never been. Before visiting an unknown area and risk getting lost, consider the following options: 

Jeep on the Road



No doubt, Uber is a Goliath in the transportation arena, but ultimately it is unpredictable. Consistent Uber passengers protest erratic price hikes and misleading arrival times. When riding an Uber, you also have to consider space, not only for your company but for the equipment you might need to surf the Ala Moana waves or paint the Kūhiō Beach skyline. 

Public Transportation 

Honolulu has two forms of public transportation, TheBus, and TheHandi-Van. Though reliable, any form of public transportation can be uncomfortable especially when traveling with luggage or a large group. Though public transportation may be the cheapest option, it can also be the most confusing and the most time-consuming. 

Renting a Car 

For ultimate flexibility and freedom, most travelers are making the most of their vacations by renting a Jeep. Take control of your time in Honolulu, and explore every event without leaving anything or anyone behind. By renting a minivan, you can control your budget without worrying about expensive price hikes. 

Whether you’re on a budget or exploring Hawaii in style, Little Hawaii Rent A Car has the perfect Jeep for you. For the top minivan rentals in Hawaii, call (808) 347-2886 today! 

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