It’s not every day that you take a vacation to Hawaii, and there’s the temptation of throwing all budgetary restraints out the window. But your conscience and your wallet will be happier if you make a few wise choices that will allow you to make the most of your island vacation. With a discount car rental from Little Hawaii Rent a Car, your budget will literally go farther! Here’s how you can save some serious green on your Hawaiian vacation:

Choose a Discount Car Rental to Explore Oahu

The DL on Discount Cars & Vans

With so many popular attractions and sights to see in Oahu, saving money wherever possible can make a big difference during a trip to Hawaii. If you need an affordable transportation option, a discount car or van rental from Little Hawaii Rent A Car in Honolulu is a great choice. An older model car with higher mileage is convenient for traveling to and from destinations on the island without breaking your wallet. All cars are no older than 2005, and are clean, reliable, and always include a working A/C.

Low Season Rates Are Even Lower

Hawaii has lovely weather year-round. So no matter when you visit, you’ll enjoy our sunny skies and warm sea breezes. Why not come during the low season, and take advantage of our low season discount? You’ll save up to 30% off our already low prices!

  • Low Season: January 11 – March 9, April 1 – May 31, September 3 – December 14
  • Peak Season: December 15 – January 10, March 10 – 31, June 1 – September 2

Paradise on a Budget

At Little Hawaii, we strive to go the extra mile. We’re committed to providing the most affordable vehicle rentals in Honolulu. Our friendly team will find you an ideal rental for your unique needs. What’s more, we’ll offer local knowledge of Oahu at no additional cost! For the best discount car rental options in Honolulu, reserve your rental today by calling (808) 347-2886.



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